Justice of The Little Prince

“Do not go,” said the king, who was very proud of having a subject. “Do not go. I will make you a Minister!” “Minister of what?” “Minster of–of Justice!” “But there is nobody here to judge!”

  • The final exhibitions which is called The Planets of Your Justice is based on the book The Little Prince
  • It should bring a new attitude toward the problem of social justice
  • The little prince lives in the asteroid B 612 and he travels around the other six planets B 325, B 326, B 327, B 328, B329, B 330
  • the little prince learns to share his life and his planet with his flower – it means that we should be just – we should share everything with others and we should not make differences between people
  • the little prince travels away from his little planet to expands the problems of others
  • each planet represents another social problem – in this case, our planets represent the forms of social injustice
  • the little prince does not like these planets – as we do not like social injustice
  • The book can be read by children as well as adults. Therefore, the exhibition must be understandable for both groups of the visitors
  • The little prince is honest, natural and he does not know injustice.
  • He is trying to find an order which can be followed only through justice
  • He wants the rose and the fox to be equal to him
  • Can children recognize what is good and bad? Do they see inequality between people?
  • The Little Prince is a representation of innocence. How come it can describe such serious problem as social injustice?


  • THE KING – Religion: The king claims to reign over every star in the universe, but in reality he always tailors his orders to fit the actions of the person he commands. Do we need to follow only one king? Do we allow others to have their kings?


  • THE CONCEITED MAN – Sexuality: The vain man asks whether the little prince really admires him, but the prince does not understand the meaning of the word “admire.” Do we admire only the people other than LGBT?


  • THE TIPPLER – Race: When the prince asks the drunkard why he drinks, the drunkard claims that he drinks to forget. Feeling pity, the prince inquires what the drunkard wants to forget. The drunkard answers that he is trying to forget that he is ashamed of his drinking. Are we ashamed of our race? Should we drink because we are not white enough?


  • THE BUSINESMAN – Gender: The businessman protests that he is a serious person and has no time for the little prince’s questions. Exasperated by the little prince’s persistence, the businessman eventually explains that he is counting “those little golden things that make lazy people daydream,” which the prince eventually identifies as stars. The businessman explains he counts the stars because he owns them. Do men own some rules? Are men more powerful than women? Do we need the stereotypes?


  • THE LAMPLIGHTER – Physical/Mental disability: The lamplighter, who is under orders to extinguish his lamp during the day and light it at night, frantically puts the lamp out and then turns it back on. He explains that his orders used to make sense, but his planet now turns so fast that a new day occurs every minute. Do we need to create a new world for disabled?


  • THE GEOGRAPHER – Social status: The man explains that he is a geographer, a scholar who knows the location of all the seas, mountains, cities, and deserts. When the prince asks the geographer about his planet, the geographer says he knows nothing about his own planet because it is not his job to explore it. A geographer collects information from an explorer and then investigates the explorer’s character. If the explorer has a good character, the geographer investigates the explorer’s discoveries. Are we responsible for the conditions we were born into?


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