The Planets of your Justice



  • Social justice is an idea of justice that affirms social equality against any kind of discrimination or abuse out of social class, social status or any other reasons.
  • Social justice art, and arts for social justice, encompasses a wide range of visual and performing art that aim to raise
    • critical consciousness,
    • build community,
    • and motivate individuals to promotesocial change
  • It can not only be a means to generate awareness, but it can also be a catalyst to engage community members to take action around a social issue.
  • Social justice art, consequently allows people to developagency to interrupt and alter oppressive systemic patterns or individual behaviors.
  • The processes by which people create and engage with art equips them with analytic tools to understand and challengesocial injustices through
    • social justice education(teaching for social justice),
    • community building,
    • and social activism/social movements


The Planets?

325, 326, 327, 328, 329, 330


Religion 325

Sexuality 326

Race 327

Gender 328

Physical/Mental disability 329

Social status – education, life conditions 330

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