(In)justice exhibitions


  • Shepard Fairey and Swoon
  • a large-scale, social justice–themed art pop-up exhibition and event series
  • organized by Amnesty International‘s Art for Amnesty and Sons & Bros


Pursuing Social Justice

  • 86 artists
  • escalation of violence, human rights violations, and environmental concerns
  • art as activism


Inequality and Social Justice in a Changing World

  • protest and social commentary
  • the conditions of the working class, disparities in global wealth and power, and the rights of women and ethnic groups in the modern world


Social Justice: It Happens to One, It Happens to All 

  • curated by Karen Gutfreund and Sherri Cornett of Gutfreund Cornett Art
  • the mission: Changing The World Through Art
  • stimulates dialog, raises consciousness and creates social change




Social (In)Justice

  • American identity (at home and abroad);
  • the art world as experienced by women artists;
  • the cultural and political exercise of justice in Africa;
  • the status of Grant Wood, Iowa’s “favorite son,” as it is both accepted and challenged.





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