MeetFactory is Haiku!

Oh haiku haiku,

you are short but beautiful,

mysterious too.





Is MeetFactory

opportunity to meet?

Art meets you and me.





The Portent of Light

is mystical, strange but nice

in mind full of fight.

The Portent of Light




I want to go high.

through Vertical Gradation.

Higher, to be thy.

Vertical Gradation




With artistic eyes

she helped us to want a lot.

Sarah Jones, you’re nice.





Cry, please, let us cry,

dear, Alicja Rogalska.

Why don’t you cry, why?





Whose is this good pick?

It’s Jaro Varga’s. He’s from

Slovak Republic.





Company of sane

Jana Babincová was

much better than rain.





Is this it? It’s not!

We thought of dear Karina,

we missed her a lot.





But wait, who am I?

I’m The Catcher in the Art!

Am I right? Let’s try!



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