What If There Is a Relationship Between These Two Buildings?


You know, I had a dream, that…

…the two buildings that stand in front of each other for more than thirty years can be connected into the new project, which would be called Umprumfinum. You do not need to have some special skills to find out that we are talking about Rudolfinum and UMPRUM. These two buildings share their square, cultural use and last but not least, a good prestige. So, it is not a bad idea to share the same project too.

This project would be intended for UMPRUM‘s Department of Fine Arts and its students like an opportunity to present their works. There can arise a question why would they bring their art to another building, when the school is big enough? The answer is that good students need to experience some exhibitions in the reputable galleries such as Rudolfinum.

However, Rudolfinum is not only a gallery, but it is also a place for the Czech Philharmonic, and therefore the topic of the students’ assignment would be The Magic of an Orchestra. The students should create a painting, sculpture, installation, or photography associated with this theme. An orchestra consists of many artists, who are trying to follow one piece of art together and each member contributes to this work differently. That is why the artists of UMPRUM can be inspired by this ensemble, and contribute to the final exhibition. Nevertheless, they will not follow the sheet music.

But we need the orchestra’s conductor, who is in this case the curator. If you think that the project like this does not need a curatorial help, you are wrong. We would begin with the symbolical connection of UMPRUM and Rudolfinum. The school can contain ads saying that UMPRUM‘s art can be found in Rudolfinum now. They can be also connected by an artificial pathway.

Rudolfinum is a very old building, so we have to decide if we want to make a big contrast with modern art, or if we want to adapt the art to the building’s historicity. The students’ works contain both modernity and a sense of past, so this place is suitable for their representation.

Since the artworks can have various forms, we should divide them according to whether they are photos, paintings, installations, or sculptures. We can start with the paintings, which would be placed symmetrically like the members of an orchestra. Then we should continue with the sculptures and installations suggesting more mysterious and not very easy readable topic. It would create a body of the exhibition. The final room can consist of the pictures taken by the students and it would indicate the most realistic representation of The Magic of an Orchestra. This project can be also based on the classical music played very quietly in each room.

The opening of this exhibition can start with the explanation why UMPRUM‘s students exhibit in Rudolfinum. It would emphasize the good relationships between these two institutions, and it would also point out that it is nice and important to combine different kinds of art. This project could be considered as a highlighting of the school’s good qualities, especially among the tourists. Of course, the students should be present on the opening revealing the message of this artistic experience.

And then I..wait..no..I am still dreaming…






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