LIMBO – Jan Šerých – Hunt Kastner – March 12 – May 14, 2016

Hunt Kastner is now black and white. Or is it Jan Šerých who is black and white? Šerých is black and the gallery is white. (Do not even try to look for racism here!)

LIMBO is the name of an exhibition, which consists of the paintings and video installations. Some of these works are just leaning against a wall and this fact makes us believe that there is something unfinished and therefore still in progress.




Šerých’s works are full of geometry, symmetry and minimalism, and of course, unanswered questions like: What the white line on the black background actually means? Is it a line of cocaine, a sad facial expression or a subway platform? This infinite number of possibilities is the thing which we can only enjoy!





“The word limbo can describe a complicated situation over which you have no control and that is somehow not going anywhere – at least, it is not getting better.” But what is the situation we should have control over? Is it our momentary dissatisfaction or is it a role of our being in this world? Anyway, it is a situation that is not getting better so far, but it will change for the better.


I am sure it will.





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