Who does bring the new art into the old synagogue?

There are more than one hundred synagogues in Slovakia and one of them is located in a town Trnava. This synagogue is now restored into a gallery, which is very well-known for its many interesting projects.


The Ján Koniarik Gallery is a centre for contemporary art, and it also became an example of site-specific art, because Tets Ohnari, young artist from Tokio, decided to use this gallery as a means for his art. He cooperates with the environment in which he works, and this gallery is no exception. He created an artwork called Reflection.

This work tries to react on the history and culture of Trnava’s synagogue where he portrays also the process of making his art, not only the work itself. He is inspired by one particular window in this old building, and especially by the hexagram which it contains.


The idea of this small space with a religious atmosphere and a sense of transcendence is developed by the “flying object,” which comes from above right to our inner worlds. Reflection makes us reflect on how we see ourselves in the world full of opportunities to reflect…





And what do you reflect on?





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