Open Call – UMPRUM – March 4 – April 9, 2016

As we already know, UMPRUM is not just a good art school, but it is also place that has a role of gallery. In these days, it presents Open Call exhibition which is focused on the concept of competition in a connection with artworks. It is mainly associated with film industry and it creates the fantasy that may be found only in film and its audience.
The artists as well as curators are Alžbeta Bačíková, Lucie Rosenfeldová and Martina Smutná. Their work has attracted us to the very dark room which makes a contrast to the common centers for contemporary art. The place resembles the fairy tale forest with mysterious creatures, and the lighting causes the shadows with atmosphere of fantasy leading us to the differentiation between fact and fiction. Various shapes and materials look like they are from a different world and a dominant video projection contributes to the sense of fantasy space.

The authors cooperate to define their thoughts most perfectly and they say: “In the guide for beginner film creators, we read that the applicants’ attitude towards the genre speaks volumes about their individual approach of the theme, which may decide whether the project will be accepted or turned down. In choosing between the willful disrupting or observing of the genre lies a message about the creator’s relationship to the theme. We also find ourselves in a field defined b well established approaches. The name of our exhibition may preempt expectations of relatively straightforward institutional criticism. We dodge it in order to give space to that which doesn’t fit in it.”








And what are you open to?



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