AFTER – Erika Miklóšová – DOT Gallery – February 10 – February 27, 2016

DOT Gallery is a very nice place in Bratislava, where you enter the stylish café at first, and then, it leads you downstairs into the magic art space. It focuses on contemporary art of well-known, but also budding artists. This gallery offers a lot of additional programs like lectures, discussions or commented tours.


One of the artists which contribute to the wonderful atmosphere of this gallery is Erika Miklóšová, whose works are now exhibited here. This Slovak artist deals with a painting “replace”, intertextualization, transformation, modification, transportation, variation or reinterpretation of the works of other artists.

After is the name of the current Erika’s exhibition in DOT Gallery. This painter decided to use the motifs of famous works that were created through the different media forms like video or for instance installations.




After Markus Schinwald (One step)
After Jan Mančuška IX
After Markus Schinwald VI

We are sure that the transformation of others’ ideas does not represent a lack of originality, but Erika Miklóšová wants to point out that the different concepts can be represented by similar works and similar works can represent different concepts. Moreover, it is good to know where the inspiration comes from. The inspiration may be called Ján Mančuška, Jiří Kovanda, Jan Nálevka, Martin Kollar, Markus Schinwald, Michaël Borremans, Gregory Crewdson and Tina Modotti.


After Michael Borremans


Travaille III


This exhibition offered us a combination of old and new beauty that perfectly fit together. We could enjoy the objects, humans and animals, whose unconventional presence were captured on the canvases. Erika Miklóšová has grasped the two worlds and created this totally new, artistic and original world.


And what you will be doing after…?




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