Free Art Friday – Venuše ve Švehlovce – March 4, 2016 (Petra Tůmová)

Venuše ve Švehlovce is a small Prague theatre, in which you will probably not find some kind of opera, ballet, or classical plays, but you will certainly find a pleasure due to the alternative scene with many contemporary productions. However, this place is used not only as a theatre venue, but it is also a very good space for the events of different kinds. This Friday, it changed into the gallery crowded by a lot of people, because of the event Free Art Friday.


Free Art Friday is an international event with a really great idea behind it. It is an art movement that brings art into the different spheres and places and nobody leaves empty-handed. 431 artworks of 113 artists from around the whole world were situated in one room and we could pick one for free. I am not kidding – for free! It was just necessary to reserve a particular work, win a fight with an eager crowd and wait.

FAF R1_3_2016

You can somehow advertise a work of certain artist and for that you get a new painting, photo or even installation that can completely enrich your most favorite environment. Quite a good deal, isn’t it? What is more, this event was accompanied by the music of Tamara Schmidt and her electronic project Awali, which made us enjoy this great artistic experience.


IMG_20160304_193935 (2)


IMG_20160304_194045 (2)

It is questionable what can be regarded as the most beautiful or the most original artwork of the whole exhibition, however some of the works left us really speechless. The reason of these feelings is a Czech painter Petra Tůmová and her amazing talent. We also had a chance to speak to the artist herself, and this meeting only emphasized the atmosphere of overall experience. We decided to take her painting which is called Naslouchání (Listening). Its future is still not clear, but we can be sure, that this art piece is in the right place. Thank you!

12819384_508093796043690_7970467604274433307_o (2)

A girl.

A boy?


Dragonfly, who lets us listen.






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