Jan Pfeiffer – The Relation of a Relation – Drdova Gallery – January 23, 2016 – March 05, 2016

Drdova Gallery is a small place in Žižkov, where you are surrounded by the artworks right when you open the door. This totally minimalist and inconspicuous place looks like a white cube in which you are supposed to find yourself in an unstoppable art world.


Lucie Drdová, the owner says that “Drdova Gallery works to support the future of its artists; the continually evolving practice of established artists, and the wide–ranging potential of emerging and new talents.“

Drdova Gallery now holds an exhibition The Relation of a Relation (Poměr vztahu) of Jan Pfeiffer. The work of this artist “reflects a fundamental trait of a complex symbolic system, referring to social-cultural, mythological, religious and historical bonds to specific situations or moments, which he works with or in.“ He is well known because of the Henkel Award, 2011 or Jiné vize, 2009. His works were a part of the big exhibitions like Okázalá abstrakce, Stavební práce, or Každý objímá všechny ostatní.


Lenka Sýkorová claims that “the main concept of the exhibition The Relation of a Relation consists in grasping the relational tension by means of hand-drawn animation, video projection and a series of large-size drawings. Drawing is seen as a tool materializing the relationship between two people, two entities or merely outlining interior and exterior space. Jan Pfeiffer’s works are linked by morphology; in The Relation of a Relation, it is represented by forms ranging from geometry to an abstract landscape. At the entrance, there is an animation consisting of layers of drawing. The space is delimited by a central perspective which is gradually disturbed after the general environment is defined. After some time, it starts changing and disturbing the relation between inside and outside.“


The paintings as well as video projections give us the impression of simplicity in connection with sophistication. In spite of their simple form, they compel us to look for the relations between humans, relations between human and his environent or the uncertain relations that create our being from the inside.



And what is your relation to your relations?















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