UMPRUM -Artsemester Winter 2016 – February 10, 2016

When you enter the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague, one of the first things that you can see is a heap of hipster bicycles that indicate a presence of young, independent artists.




The artists, who try to get the theory and practice from the experienced, educated people, that are the teachers as well as successful artists. This school offers a lot of programs and also plastic, metal or wood workshops, animation and PC lab, or fashion and clothing workshop. The building has an atmosphere of calm study rooms, however now it is disturbed by the mass of people who came to enjoy the exhibition of the students that changed their school into the occasional gallery.




This Artsemester exhibition is a show of students who represent their acquired skills through the end-of-term work. We could see various student works that were created according to different themes and topics. These works were placed in the art studios that focus on architecture, fashion, installations, videos or paintings.

One of the most interesting studios is undoubtedly KOV which brought us to the world of chess from the different points of views. The students were supposed to create the works that fulfill the topic “Chess, chess table and the art of chess” and find something that can make a connection with life as such.



Other equally interesting parts of the exhibition included the shows of clothes on the topic of “Japan,” designs of the tram seats, nutcrackers, or bathroom decorations.



The studios of UMPRUM are spacious and they are adapted to the conditions suitable for the making of certain artworks. Many of them consist of the place for the work with different materials and machines as well as the place for a presentation of these works. Some of these studious were enriched by the paintings that do not even need the canvases, because they are painted right on the walls.




This exhibition allowed us to recognize the art in daily used objects and we could also notice the connection of materials that represent unpredictably beautiful works. Some of the studios also contained the visual documentation of the process of making certain artworks.



     UMPRUM is a successful institution also because of the teachers that make a good reputation. For instance, Eva Eisler – architect and designer who heads the jewelry department, Dominik Lang, who is famous because of his sculptures and installations from consumerist objects, or academic painter Jiří David, who focuses on the uncertain concept of identity.



However, it is not only the teachers who try to excel in the art scene. This school is full of the students of which it is proud. For example, Eliška Nováková – designer and the Talent of Design, 2012. She made a game board for chess from the grass and flowers and also from the plastic. She works with jewelry or clothes and she has her own brand which is called Ellie-rs. Eliška´s chess looks like a fight between the beauty of nature and its imitation by the materials to which our society is addicted.

Another noticeable author and student of this school is Lucia Michnová, whose work is more than controversial. She presents herself through the photos consisting of naked bodies and dark atmosphere. She enriched Artsemester Winter 2016 with the human skins that remind us the DOX´s exhibition Brave New World.

There are many skilled students of UMPRUM but we can mention for example Natalie Dufková who focuses mostly on the fashion design, fashion photography, paintings on the cloth, and for the Artsemester Winter 2016 she made an all black dress with Japanese inspiration.



We wish the students a lot of success for their studies and we can say that we have caught really amazing pieces in UMPRUM!



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